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Tourism and local businesses

Tourists, home buyers and anyone thinking of opening a business in Westbury who search online for ‘Westbury’ currently read websites hailing Westbury as a ‘charming heritage village’.

The proposed prison site has a Westbury address, so online news about riots or staff / inmate conditions will start linking Westbury to a prison.

The State Government cannot guarantee this won’t harm tourism and business. Locating the prison further away from any existing town will avoid risks like this, while maintaining any benefits.

Economic benefits

Studies of rural prisons show that most jobs go to contractors in the bigger centres not to small rural towns.1

However, if there are economic benefits, they’ll still be there if a prison site is further away from small towns. That way, nobody loses; it’s a win-win.

Note that the proposed Westbury site is a high-grade industrial site. A prison at the site would reduce the opportunities for other industries to be based there.




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1 Besser TL and Hanson MM (2004), ‘The Development of Last Resort: The Impact of New State Prisons on Small Economies’, Journal of the Community Development Society