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WRAP media release - 27 November 2019

Minister Archer denies commitment made to WRAP

On the 2nd of November 2019, the Hon. Elise Archer MP met with a group of concerned Westbury residents in a private setting in Westbury. The residents who met with the Minister agreed to do so on condition that she gave a commitment to return to Westbury to attend a meeting in a public forum open to all members of the community organised by residents once the Minister advised a convenient date. Minister Archer gave that commitment to residents at the meeting, and records were kept of that commitment.

Residents have since repeatedly asked the Minister for dates on which she intended returning to Westbury to attend the open meeting. Just this afternoon, the Minister has denied she even made such a commitment. She has stated that her commitment was to attend the proposed 10-minute drop in sessions instead.

This is completely disingenuous. The commitment given by the Minister was to attend a single meeting in an open public forum so that all in the community could attend. Residents to whom she made this commitment are utterly appalled.

"We are quite simply shocked that the Minister gave her word on 2nd November to attend a meeting in a public forum in Westbury but in the next breath has denied having made that commitment. In essence, she is accusing the residents who met with her of being liars." says Linda Poulton, President of WRAP Inc, who was present at the meeting.

"The Minister's denial of the commitment she gave on 2nd November is a complete and utter disgrace. As Attorney-General, she is one of the most senior law officers in the State. We expect much greater ethical standards from our elected representatives, and in particular from the Attorney-General. This whole incident raises grave concerns for the administration of the justice system under Minister Archer. We have absolutely no faith in the Minister moving forward".

In light of her conduct, WRAP Inc has called on its members to boycott the Minister's 10-minute drop in sessions. WRAP Inc intends to organise a public meeting before Christmas, despite the fact that the Minister today says she has no intention of attending it.

"We will not let the Minister's reprehensible backdown from her commitment prevent the public from coming together to voice its continuing concerns over this appalling proposal".

Linda Poulton
President, WRAP Inc


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