WRAP - No prison in Westbury
WRAP media release - 9 February 2020

State Government has not been open about survey

Late last year, Manuel Sessink asked the State Government to release information concerning the socio-economic survey to be conducted by SGS Economics including correspondence between SGS Economics and the State Government in relation to the scope and nature of the survey to be undertaken in respect of the preferred site for the prison and any draft reports.

Attached to this media release is the information the State Government has released in response to that request. [Attachment 1] [Attachment 2]

"This survey of members of the public should be information available to the public," said Linda Poulton, President of WRAP.

The Government is determined to maintain secrecy over every single aspect of its decision-making process on Westbury. The approach that they are adopting should raise serious concerns for all Tasmanians and in particular for the media."

Linda Poulton
President, WRAP Inc


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