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WRAP media release - 10 June 2020

WRAP calls on the Government to release the SGS study report

In October 2019, the Government commissioned SGS Economics and Planning to prepare what the Government described as a "Social and Economic Benefit Study" in relation to the Westbury Prison [see the extract here].

Information about the commissioning of the SGS study via Right to Information was heavily redacted before being released, meaning that the instructions given to SGS by the Government were not released and are still not known.

Many in the community participated in the surveys conducted by SGS earlier this year in good faith, with the expectation that the results of the survey would be readily disclosed.

They did so despite understandable misgivings that the study would be skewed.

The Government has now had the report for 12 days. The Minister for Corrections has refused to identify a deadline for its release.

In the meantime, everyone here in Westbury holds our breaths, waiting to be told what the future may hold for our beautiful town.

We are completely in limbo, as we have been for 9 months. Our small community is imploding under this burden.

We call on all politicians and the media to support our call for the Government to release the report about our town, which will in turn determine our future, immediately.

We have waited long enough.

Linda Poulton
President, WRAP Inc

Linda Poulton
President, WRAP Inc


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