WRAP - No prison in Westbury
WRAP media release - 9 October 2020

Minister Archer needs her own Welcome Back(Pack)

This afternoon, Minister Archer has stated that the proposed core drilling activities proposed for the nature reserve at Westbury on Monday 12 October 2020 will not have any impact on the wedge-tailed eagles on a nearby nest.

The Department of Justice yesterday confirmed in writing that the drilling works were being conducted on the assumption that the nest was active.

If Minister Archer had read her own Government's guidelines on activities that can occur at this peak time in wedged-tail eagle breeding season, she would have realised that even one person conducting a survey on the nest site poses significant risk of disturbance and nest abandonment, the ramifications of which could extend for years.

Any noise generating activity within earshot of a nesting eagle should be avoided in all circumstances, regardless of distance from a nest.

These are the Government's own guidelines of which Minister Archer is clearly ignorant, wilfully or otherwise. This degree of ignorance is disturbing when it's the Attorney-General, the pre-eminent law officer in the State.

It is perhaps time for Minister Archer to be given her own Welcome Back(Pack), which she has recently promoted as a panacea for released female inmates returning the wider community.

Linda Poulton
President, WRAP Inc


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