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WRAP media release - 13 October 2020

Attempt to influence DPIPWE processes referred to Integrity Commission

WRAP has this week referred to the Integrity Commission an attempt to influence an internal DPIPWE process to avoid a perceived risk to the Minister for Corrections.

"As reported in the Mercury recently, DPIPWE was in the middle of a state-wide reclassification of vegetation in Tasmania when the process was "paused" because of a perceived risk to "the Minister" in connection with the Northern Regional Prison.

We know that the perceived risk was that this process would result in the nature reserve being given a more significant level of environmental protection. Such a result would have made it harder to build the prison on that site.

It is an offence under the Integrity Commission Act 2009 for a public officer to engage in conduct that could adversely affect the honest and proper performance of functions of another public officer.

The "pausing" of DPIPWE's vegetation reclassification to avert risk to the Minister clearly fits within this category, and we trust that the Integrity Commission will get to the bottom of who directed this." said Linda Poulton.

Linda Poulton
President, WRAP Inc


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