WRAP - No prison in Westbury
WRAP media release - 19 October 2020

Government botches first attempt to access Brushy Rivulet reserve

The Government has botched up its first attempt to undertake drilling on the Brushy Rivulet reserve near Westbury, which was anticipated to start today.

A number of Westbury residents stood at the access point to the reserve to monitor the proposed activities early this morning. Four large trucks laden with heavy equipment arrived just before 9am and parked along the roadside near the access point.

"That's when the confusion set in.

It was immediately obvious to everyone that there was no way that vehicles and equipment of that size could be taken onto site. The density of the forest, the wet conditions and the lack of an access track on site rendered it impossible.

It is quite simply breathtaking that the Department of Justice has now sought to lay blame for their own failings on 7 friendly people casually standing around.

We were not there to obstruct the contractors and made no attempt to do so. If just being there watching them is all it takes to make them abandon the works, then it's going to be a very drawn out process.

The reality is that they could not get their own equipment onto the site.

This was yet another ill-conceived, incompetently executed exercise which has come to be a hallmark of the Department's handling of this process. Yet more taxpayers' money has been spent on this botch up, which cannot have been cheap." said Linda Poulton.

Linda Poulton
President, WRAP Inc


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