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WRAP media release - 20 October 2020

State Government acknowledges presence of Tasmanian Devil on Brushy Creek reserve

The works permit issued by the Government to allow geotechnical drilling on the Brushy Rivulet reserve near Westbury has identified the Tasmanian Devil among numerous other threatened fauna on the reserve. [see attachment 1 and attachment 2]

"The permit states that the contractor must comply with any direction given by a Parks & Wildlife officer, but none was present on Monday nor was an environmental consultant. How on earth are the contractors meant to identify and avoid the destruction of habitat and fauna, including Tasmanian Devils, without such guidance?"

Although the permit has no date, it was clearly issued on either the 9th or 10th of October 2020 after the Department of Justice's announcement on the 7th of October 2020 that the drilling would proceed the following week. [Note the date of the contractor's application cited in the letter].

"This permit is invalid because it's not even dated but in any case it is not wide enough to cover the clearing and excavation works which will have to be done to get the large vehicles and drilling equipment into place. It is a permit to drill, not to create roads and excavate.

There is also considerable confusion about which part of Government is able to authorise the drilling. The permit as first uploaded onto the Department of Justice's website was signed by a Manager in Crown Lands [attachment 1]. This version was removed shortly after and replaced by a version which had redacted that signature [attachment 2].

"DoJ's announcement to drill clearly pre-empted the permit being issued and the permit itself seems like a hasty afterthought, which perhaps explains its shortcomings.

This Government makes up the rules for itself as it goes along.

What is utterly tragic is that even the Tasmanian Devil might not stand in its way" said Linda Poulton.

Linda Poulton
President, WRAP Inc


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