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WRAP media release - 20 October 2020

WRAP calls on Government to ensure flora and fauna are protected during drilling

We have now had discussions with the drilling contractors and a representative from the Department of Justice concerning the drilling activities underway at the Brushy Rivulet reserve.

It is clear from those discussions that neither the Government’s anonymous environmental consultant nor a representative of Parks and Wildlife are present to identify and protect the threatened and endangered species on the reserve from any risk posed by drilling activities.

The permit issued by Crown Lands to do the works does not make it mandatory for the contractors to comply with environmental requirements relating to the potential impact on threatened flora and fauna. The permit merely “recommends” that they do so. This completely removes any liability from the contractors for significant impact on flora and fauna.

It acknowledges that damage to natural values could be caused by the drilling. It then grants a licence to do that damage without legal liability.

It is no fault of the contractors that they are not experts in the identification of threatened species on site. We do not expect them to be experts.

We do, however, expect the Government to arrange for someone with the relevant expertise to be there to ensure that the threatened flora and fauna are given the protection that the Government says they deserve.

The Government either needs to monitor and prevent harm to the species from drilling on site it needs to be accountable for that failure.

The terms of the works permit and the absence of an environmental specialist on site show that the Government does not give a damn about what happens to the threatened flora and fauna there.

Their lip service on this is utterly abhorrent.

Linda Poulton
President, WRAP Inc


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