WRAP - No prison in Westbury
WRAP media release - 21 October 2020

Elise Archer's scar

The drilling activities at the Brushy Rivulet Reserve were today called to a halt by the Government on the basis that conditions on the reserve were far too wet for the drilling to be done in a "manner that minimises the impact on the site." [Source: Government email to "stakeholders"]

"This is anything but a surprise. The locals told the contractors that it was too wet on Monday, but we were not listened to." said Linda Poulton.

"I can also see from today's photos that the contractors have gotten to a point where they can go no further with the 2 wheel drive vehicles they are using. As it was, the water truck had already had become bogged.

There are a number of natural obstacles that will prevent further progress onto the site, and these will require far more radical equipment and intervention.

It's really stupid that the Government has pressed on with drilling in such bad conditions, leaving an ugly and completely avoidable scar on the reserve in the middle of Spring.

Whilst we welcome the Government calling a stop to this because of the environmental impact, we have to ask: How on earth are they going to build a prison on this land without having an impact that completely dwarfs what has happened this week?

Yet again, taxpayers' money has been spent on a poorly planned and executed exercise overseen by the Minister for Corrections on a completely inappropriate site.

How much longer should Tasmanians have to tolerate the bumbling and expensive mistakes which are occurring under this Minister's watch, all in the name of dividing the community and scarring a nature reserve for no valid reason?"

Linda Poulton
President, WRAP Inc


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