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WRAP media release - 9 March 2021

Meander Valley Council not immune to unrest in municipality

The stability and workplace culture of the Meander Valley Council is being called into question following a series of resignations over the past 12 months.

The resignations have included one of Council's four directors Lynette While and Mr Neil Grose, who was head hunted from the Launceston Chamber of Commerce a little under 12 months ago.

Council's General Manager John Jordan today admitted in response to a question raised in Council's monthly meeting, that another senior member of staff had handed in her resignation.

Jo Oliver is the Council's Senior Strategic Planner and is the architect of the Council's Local Provisions Schedule which is set to replace the current Interim Planning Scheme 2013 in coming months. She is held in very high regard across the State for her planning expertise.

"We had always contemplated that any application for the Northern Regional Prison would be assessed by Jo and that her experience and knowledge would be invaluable to the Council as it attempted to wade its way through the miasma of the application for prison on this completely untenable site," said Linda Poulton.

"Her loss to the Council will be keenly felt, but it just goes to show that this project has made life in our municipality incredibly stressful. The impact of this project, and the fact that it has dragged on, has taken a toll on this community, and this is now being felt keenly inside Council as well as in the wider community," she said.

"When you get a controversial project like this, which drags on and on owing to ineptitude and a reckless disregard for community welfare, it turns into a war of attrition and Council is not immune to that."

Linda Poulton
Spokesperson, WRAP Inc


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