WRAP - No prison in Westbury
WRAP media release - 10 April 2021

On the Wings of an Eagle

Ever wondered what the proposed northern prison site on Marneys Hill Reserve, five kilometres from Westbury, looks like from the bird-eye view of an Eagle?

Creative WRAP members have put together a video clip that shows exactly this. The video features the endangered endemic species that will lose their habitat should this proposal get wings. The site as shown in the video clip was purchased with commonwealth taxpayer funds. It has recently come to light that DPIPWE secretary, Tim Baker himself, earmarked this reserve (that was meant to be conserved in perpetuity) for the construction of a prison (please refer to WRAP Media Release 09/04/2021 for full details).

Playing in the background of the video clip is Russell Morris' classic hit 'Wings of an Eagle'. It's almost as if this song was written specially to highlight exactly what will be lost with the building of a prison on a nature reserve.

The video may be viewed on:

Emma Hamilton
President, WRAP Inc


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