WRAP - No prison in Westbury
WRAP media release - 11 April 2021

Minister Guy Barnett's disconnect from the Meander Valley

It is little wonder that Minister Guy Barnett has shown no inclination to engage with residents of Westbury on the Northern Regional Prison.

His knowledge of the selection of the second site is a given, as the Secretary of his own Department, Tim Baker, was critical in the identification and promotion of the second site for the prison (see WRAP Media Release 09/04/2021). So Minister Barnett has a close connection to the selection of the new site.

However, in what may be a little known fact to voters in the municipality, Minister Barnett does not even reside in Lyons. Instead, he chooses to live in Launceston, far removed from the fallout from any decisions he makes for those who do reside in the electorate.

"It's a little known fact that an individual is able to run for and be elected within an electorate without actually residing there.

Many in our large electorate of Lyons, even voters in the Meander Valley where Minister Barnett's office is, would not know that he does not reside in the electorate but nevertheless has the arrogance to seek to represent this region.

Why is he not running in the electorate of Bass where he resides?

It's fundamentally wrong that someone who purports to represent a rural electorate prefers to reside outside that electorate in a large urban centre, governing from an ivory tower. Minister Barnett has nothing to lose when decisions are made that affect our rural region. His failure to engage with us on the Northern Regional Prison is a perfect example of how easily he can disconnect and how happily unaccountable he is," said Linda Poulton.

WRAP calls on Guy Barnett to step aside and let others who reside in the electorate have the opportunity to represent it."

Linda Poulton
Spokesperson, WRAP Inc


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