WRAP - No prison in Westbury
WRAP media release - 17 September 2021

WRAP calls on the Government to provide details of consultation

At the public meeting on the Northern Regional Prison held in Deloraine on 11 August 2021, Mr Colin Shepherd, Project Manager for the prison, advised that the Government was planning to update the report prepared by SGS Economics and Planning to reflect the shift from the original preferred site near Westbury to the Brushy Rivulet nature reserve.

The Government subsequently announced that it was considering the site of the Ashley Youth Detention Centre for the prison.

Mr Shepherd has since advised that due diligence is still ongoing in relation to the nature reserve. He has confirmed that the Government is still looking to engage an architect to design for the Brushy Rivulet site.

"Continuing to spend taxpayer funds on the Brushy Rivulet reserve when an alternative is genuinely being considered makes no sense. If the Government is serious about considering Ashley, it needs to outline its consultation process. Consultation overseen by SGS in relation to the first site near Westbury took some months. Consultation on Ashley needs to be embarked upon immediately.

This project continues to cause division and distress in our community.

We call upon the Government to immediately let the community know how it intends to progress its thinking on the two options it now has before it. Everyone deserves to know how the timeline for this project will be affected," said Linda Poulton.

Linda Poulton
Vice-President and Spokesperson, WRAP Inc


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