WRAP - No prison in Westbury
WRAP media release - 24 September 2021

Two years since Northern Prison announcement

As we rapidly approach the 2-year anniversary of the announcement that Westbury was selected to bear the burden of the maximum security Northern Regional Prison, some in the community believe that the fight has already been won.

"I am hearing reports from a number of people, and have had one direct experience myself, of people in the community congratulating us for moving the project away from Westbury.

WRAP is aware that the Government has made no final decision on this, so our guard is still up. We currently have no choice but to continue our campaign on this issue until the Government provides a more definitive statement.

But many people in the community who are not as familiar with the Government's intransigence seem to think that Westbury has been liberated from this project.

We therefore urge the Government to outline its next steps in relation to this proposal so the community of Westbury has a clearer idea of what the future holds.

If the Government proposes to shatter the perception that Westbury has been saved, it needs to do so sooner rather than later. People will naturally resent being given false hope," said Linda Poulton.

WRAP will hold a function to celebrate its 2-year campaign at the Westbury RSL this evening.

"We have stuck together through this ordeal and tonight's function will be a celebration of our tenacity, determination and irrepressible community spirit," said Linda Poulton.

Linda Poulton
Vice-President and Spokesperson, WRAP Inc


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