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'A real kick in the teeth': Westbury industrial land owner slams prison plan
By Adam Holmes. The Examiner - 9 October 2019

Westbury rally against Northern prison plan gets heated
By Rob Inglis. The Examiner - 26 October 2019

Westbury - no need to shy away from the NIMBY argument
By Phil Giles. The Mercury - 2 November 2019

'They saw the press and ran': Ministers on the run in Westbury
By Adam Holmes. The Examiner - 6 November 2019

Council led search for Westbury prison site
By Sharon Webb. Meander Valley Gazette - 12 November 2019

Westbury residents protest at Tasmanian Parliament against new prison plans
By Matt Maloney. The Advocate - 5 December 2019

Westbury fires up at northern prison meeting with Corrections Minister Elise Archer
By Patrick Gee. The Mercury - 17 December 2019

Informed opinions better than fear and bias
By Kerrie Butler. The Examiner - 7 January 2020

Westbury is a place of beauty and heritage
By Linda Poulton. The Examiner - 15 January 2020

Suspicion over Westbury prison survey
By Matt Maloney. The Advocate - 29 January 2020

Business boss shocks with Westbury prison comments: Decision finally to be announced
By Patrick Gee. The Mercury - 5 June 2020