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The history of Westbury has given the town a charm that residents and tourists enjoy today. From those who have called Westbury home for generations to those who've been here for a shorter time: we all express the same love for our village. Our village is an active and involved community with so much on offer. We have a diverse range of businesses, community and sporting groups. Westbury is spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out: visit the local pub or a café and enjoy some delicious treats. The Village Green and Town Common are the jewels of Westbury, perfect for a quiet walk, a picnic or to catch a glimpse of a bandicoot or platypus. Stop by at one of the many information boards dotted around the village and find out more, or pop into one of the many businesses for a chat.

From the last Census in 2021, the statistics for Westbury show that the population of Westbury is 2272. Since then, a lot of new housing has been built.

Westbury is a thriving community that has much to offer, including:

Arts / entertainment
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  • Westbury Car Show (Rotary Club) Facebook page - Westbury Car Show (Rotary Club)
  • Westbury Cycle Criterium
  • Westbury Garden Club Spring Flower Show Facebook page - Westbury Garden Club Spring Flower Show
  • Westbury Garden Club Summer Flower Show Facebook page - Westbury Garden Club Summer Flower Show
  • Westbury St. Patrick's Festival
  • Hub Café Facebook page - Hub Café
  • Kebab Station Westbury
  • Westbury Hotel Facebook page - Westbury Hotel
Local businesses
Public spaces / facilities

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Westbury history

In 1828, Lieutenant Governor Arthur oversaw laying out the streets of Westbury with a vision that it would be an important stopping point on the route from Hobart to Tasmania's north-west coast. Westbury grew and thrived during the horse drawn coach era and then with the arrival of the railway in 1871.

Westbury has a rich and colourful past. The five acre blocks that were first granted to Irish soldier-settlers remain popular today. Some of these blocks contain old wells and other relics from Westbury's early days. Famous rebels celebrated in the US were helped by the early Westbury community. There are stories of fleeing in priest's robes and more.

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